Eurocord has been the No1 producer of braided laces, kite lines, fishing lines and many other high tech solutions for laces and cords. The Headquarters are situated in Tilburg, The Netherlands, where Eurocord was established in 1972 as a braiding company for shoelaces. Since the beginning Eurocord has thrived to expand its product portfolio and is proud to be one of the main global suppliers to manufacturers, importers and wholesalers all over the world. As Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Eurocord produces its products as a ‘white label’ manufacturer, preventing competition with its customers.


Eurocord is mostly known for its specialized products Dyneema® and Aramid® as the top of the line consumer choice regarding strength and durability. However, together with its customers, Eurocord can provide the expertise to deliver high tech solutions for a wide variety of challenges in daily life requiring cords or laces in any form (garden furniture, sunscreens, flagpoles, …)


Eurocord’s experience, modern machine park and high end production location, ensures more than a hardwearing quality product.