Premium (M12/1)

A 12x carrier braid engineered and developed for the serious angler looking for that extra advantage when fishing catfish and big fish at sea. 12x braid provides you higher breaking strengths with thinner diameters, allowing anglers to downsize their tackle and giving them a more ergonomic day of fishing.


The M12/1 series is a 100% Dyneema® braided line made on a braiding machine with 12 carriers. It has a high number of picks per centimeter and is stretched and heated up to high temperatures during the coating process. The M12/1 series is a floating line that is very round, feels smooth and is very strong in relation to its diameter. Most 12-carrier braided lines are flat. Eurocord developed an innovative production process which allows us to produce a round 12 carrier line.


M12/1   30 40 50
Diameter mm 0.30 0.44 0.51
Maximum linear kg 28.50 41.00 51.00
Breaking strength lbs 62.70 90.00 112.00
Average linear kg 27.80 39.50 48.00
Breaking strength lbs 61.00 87.00 105.00
Single knot kg 12.70 16.20 22.00
Breaking strength lbs 28.00 35.50 48.50
Picks per cm 13.0 13.0 13.0
Weight g/m 0.110 0.168 0.225
Elongation at breaking point % 1.7 2.8 2.4