Shockleader (L4/1)

The enormous strength and toughness of this material are combined with a soft and supple nature to create a powerful shockleader. The shockleader sinks well and is an extremely versatile material for any circumstance.


The shockleader is braided with 4 carriers. For construction of the line different materials are used. The shockleader has a high number of picks per centimeter, is very round, feels soft and is extremely strong in relation to its diameter.


L4/1   46 62
Diameter mm 0.46 0.64
Maximum linear kg 35.10 49.40
Breaking strength lbs 77.20 108.60
Average linear kg 34.50 48.90
Breaking strength lbs 75.90 107.50
Single knot kg 16.80 21.70
Breaking strength lbs 37.00 47.50
Picks per cm 5.0 5.0
Weight g/m 0.191 0.345
Sink rate cm/s 1 1
Elongation at breaking point % 3.6 4.4