Superb abrasion resistant (H8/4)

This fast sinking braided hooklink material is engineered to be soft, smooth and strong. It sinks quickly end stays on the lake bed. For this product group we used special abrasion resistant fibres. The combination of suppleness, toughness and the fast sinking nature make this product group ideal for any potentially challenging situation as well as for solid PVA bag fishing.


The H8 superb abrasion resistant line is braided with 8 and 12 carriers. We use a unique fibre combination to braid the line. The H8 superb abrasion resistant line has a high number of picks per centimetre, is very round, feels soft, is highly abrasion resistant and is extremely strong in relation to its diameter.

H8/4   38 42
Diameter mm 0.38 0.42
Maximum linear kg 18.50 26.00
Breaking strength lbs 40.70 57.20
Average linear kg 17.40 25.50
Breaking strength lbs 38.00 56.00
Single knot kg 9.00 12.50
Breaking strength lbs 19.80 27.50
Picks per cm 11.0 11.0
Weight g/m 0.195 0.296
Sink rate cm/s 8 8
Elongation at breaking point % 2.4 2.4