Unleaded leader (L12/1)

Although it contains no lead, this leades is twice as heavy as fluorocarbon due to very special fibers, and is completely memory free. The unleaded leader will attach itself to the lake bottom without the need for any pinning down, is easily spliceable and incredibly abrasion resistant.


This unleaded leader is braided with 12 or 16 carriers.. The unleaded leader has a high number of picks per centimeter, is very round, feels soft, is extremely well  spliceable and has a high abrasion resistance.


L12/1   74 84
Diameter mm 0.74 0.84
Maximum linear kg 25.80 34.90
Breaking strength lbs 56.70 76.70
Average linear kg 24.90 33.20
Breaking strength lbs 54.70 73.00
Single knot kg 23.000 31.00
Brealing strength lbs 50.60 68.20
Picks per cm 10.00 11.00
Weight g/m 1.307 1.750
Sink rate cm/s 18 18
Elongation at breaking point % 7.9 7.8