Kite flying has not been the same since the introduction of Dyneema® at the beginning of the 1990's. Eurocord's lines with 100% Dyneema®,  provide accurate steering for professional kites and reduce chance of breakage to a minimum.

Dyneema® is one of the strongest fibres in the world. Therefore Eurocord can produce much thinner kite lines without trading in on strength and durability. The ultra thin kite lines with Dyneema® provide lower wind resistance and add a minimum of weight to the kite.

The minimum strectch fo the kite lines with Dyneema® have a direct impact for direct handling of the kige therfore making it easier to stear. Regular kite lines with Dyneema have a beginning stretch of 5 to 6%, which is reduced to approximately 4% after several kite flying sessions. Eurocord is able to reduce the stretch already before use to about 3 to 4% by heat prestretching. Kite steering has never been so accurate!

Kite lines with Dyneema® are also much more resistant to UV light, therefore offering more hours of kite flying pleasure on the beach or at sea in the full sun, compared to conventional lines. Eurocord's kite lines are available in many different colours. From simple white to bright colours.