Eurocord is proud to present its high-performance Dyneema® Diamond Braid (DDB) kite lines. It’s the second of our four new kite line series Eurocord has recently introduced.

The Dyneema® Diamond Braid (DDB) lines have been developed in cooperation with some of the world’s best kite-surfers. The DDB-lines have been braided using a special diamond shaped pattern, making these lines extremely round, robust and solid. Kite surfers will immediately love the great control these lines offer and their excellent aerodynamic quality. The DDB-lines vibrate significantly less in wind and hardly make any noise.

The new Dyneema® Diamond Braid lines are protected with a Teflon® coating especially developed by Eurocord. It gives the DDB-lines a smoother surface, makes them water-repellant and better protected against sand. The Teflon® coated lines hardly wear, do not fade and last much longer. Moreover kiting practice shows that theTeflon® coated lines unwind better, making it a lot easier to set up the kite.

Eurocord’s Dyneema® Diamond Braid lines are used as brake and power lines. DDB-lines can be adapted to the specific demands of the customers regarding colours, tensile strength and diameter. The new Teflon® kite line coating can be used on any of Eurocord’s Flight Sport Lines at limited costs. Don’t hesitate to contact the Eurocord sales team if you want to test these lines yourselves or get more information about Eurocord’s great offers and promotions.