Eurocord produces shoelaces in every color of the rainbow and a wide range of materials, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, flax, jute and linen. The combinations are limitless; from classic black wax laces over cotton sport laces to thick, brightly colored laces for the fashion conscious teenager.

Eurocord is also the go to place for specialty shoe laces such as extra strong and durable laces for safety shoes, or extra-long laces as required by skaters or other sports that require a different solution.

Eurocord pays close attention to the rapid changing trends in shoe fashion by consulting stylists and participating in internationally relevant trade shows. As a global player Eurocord can adapt quickly to new innovative styles and cost efficient production.

Delivery and packaging can be fully adapted to the client’s requirements, such as in bundles, in blisters or complete packaging solutions with personalized boxes bearing the client’s name and brand.